Felix with Amely and Pippi-Langstrumpf

In this moment we have Inka(brown), Pippi-Langstrumpf v. d. Wässernach and Amely. With Pippi we had two litters, onetime with Lucky and another time with champion Bruder Ludvig. All the puppies(brown and black) are healthy and with no mistakes.

Inka has given us in her litter with Köpenick, (a big and impressive male) very strong black and brown puppies with a very good character and behaviour.


We try to do all the time the best for the dogs and we want to have good friendships in all other countries.

We proud that Fenja is a Champion Luxenburg and a man call us and told that Balou is now 10 years old and in good condition, of course. In this time a human being needs a good friend.

Everybody who wants do have a dog must be sure for him self first that he do the right thing. It will be for a long time. In good and bad times.

If you’re sure than call us or write us.

We’ll answer all your questions and give a good base for the living with a Newfoundland

On holidays you can give the breeding dogs from our kennel to us.
On each time you could came and groom them with us.


Felix with grandma Coco and daughter Inka