Coco with Brigitte in the early years

1984 we came from Erzgebirge to Bavaria and started from point zero.
A lot of nice people from the DNK and other friendships try to help us, that we could go away with our kennel.
With our male Adonis v. Grafenstein and Britt v. d. Koenitzteichen we start again. With the female Trixi we made the mating with the excellent dog Ferro v. Sonnenberg. The black male Vasco was a good dog for the health and he gave strong and typical puppies.
Even our Esther v. Kap Race, a female from the old home, and a old line and Graf v. Luxenburg gave very good harmonious puppies.

From the combination with Trixi and Dux v. Hürbestrand we get our Xenia, good in size and typical. She died near the age of 13 years. 


He was black, HD-free and very self-confidence. He came back to us of the age of 18 months, he was very imposing. He loves his master and “his” grandchildren. He was from the combination Trixi-Graf. He died in the age of 10 years. We never have to much dogs because it is still a hobby for us. Sometimes we buy other dogs from other kennels.(Ares, Quenda and Coco)

Susanne with Coco and Quenda in the age of 7 months

Out of the combination  Coco-Ares and Quenda-Ares we have had strong and healthy dogs.
Same of them go to other breeders. From the I-litter (Coco Chanel v. Schwarzhölzl-Ogir v. Riesrand) we have Inka. From the J-litter (Xena-Ares) Joopy is in breed. He is very charming.

From Quenda-Pollux we had the L-litter . From the first litter Lara-Shari and Lady and from the second one Raica-Montania was born. She was the fourth dog of a family which always have had only dogs from us.

Puppy from Coco and Elton John, some days old

Strong, big, brown and black puppies are from Coco and Elton-John . We’re very proud of them because they’re not only good home dogs, some of them works for handicap people and to water work.

Coco und Ludvig Welpen


Pippi Langstrumpf                                              8er Wurf August 2001 mit Pippi und Ludvig