50 years ago a little girl saw a black bear in the city. From this moment she wants to be a owner from such a dog.

Same years later this little girl grow up and her job have a lot to do with animals. During her learning she meets a young man. He like animals, too. A few years after they married, the present for the young woman was a black female Newfoundland. A dream came true!

Anja v. d. Bernhardshöhe 1968
Female Blacky v. d. Bernhardshöhe, one year later
1972 the first litter in the kennel "vom St.Lorenz-Strom"

Simone und Silke with the A-litter             Blacky v.d.Bernhardshöhe 
                                                               with Silke on a show

All the family members(the three little girls Silke, Simone and Susanne, too) love this black bears. We try to do all the times the best.
We wants to have healthy and sweetly dogs.

Bär vom Lautertal 

Bär v. Frankental

Which the dogs Bär v. Lauertal and Blacky we have had the first litter. The C-litter was of Bär vom Frankenthal . He produce a lot of beautiful puppies and was two times DDR-Winner and two times SZG-Winner. At this time it was amazing. On the shows there are not only placed from 1-4, all the dogs were placed.

Blacky with the A-litter

Danny v. St.Lorenz-Strom

Dave v. St.Lorenz-Strom

Franka v. St.Lorenz-Strom

Ferro v. St.Lorenz-Strom, 1979
(Best young dog Dresden 1978 & 1979)      (DDR-Best Young dog 1978)